Twue Dumbinance

I am going to start with this, I know I spelled true wrong in the title. Calm your britches trolls because “twue” is lifestyle slang for balderdash. Now that is out of the way, I want to talk about this guide to finding a true/real dominant that I bumbled upon the other day. This little... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss

As I am sitting here, looking at my computer screen, listening to a very dull conference call, my mind has taken a turn to some of the things I miss being single. Since this is my blog, I am sure you are expecting this to be tales of sexciting  and kinkilicious adventures but I am... Continue Reading →

Be Flawsome

We are bombarded with messaging these days that seem to be imploring perfection. Shop this store for the perfect gift, join this dating site to be matched with the perfect partner, look at these seemingly perfect people who all driving this shiny SUV and if you want to be like them you must purchase this... Continue Reading →

Be Careful Out There

Lately, there has been a lot of boneheaded questions and moves being discussed around these parts. I know I should not call questions boneheaded because they say the only bad question is the one you did not ask but my counter-argument is sometimes if you have to ask, you should not be here. Seriously, people... Continue Reading →

My Thunderdome Is Beyond Confused

Dear Community, I am confused about things and I hope you can help me understand the reasons for some behaviors that the ‘Spock’ side of my brain cannot find logical reasons for. What is up with the “dominant” men who post only porn and/or pictures of scantily clad women? I understand blogging is a way... Continue Reading →

Sign Here, Here, And Here

Contracts are part of life and we have them for everything from our mobile phones, student loans, car purchases and repairs to the big kahuna of contracts, a mortgage. There are humorous contracts out there as well like Sheldon Cooper’s roommate and girlfriend agreements on the Big Bang Theory. While I do understand the need... Continue Reading →

Write It Down

Something that I have noticed as I have bumbled around Tumblr lately is postings from submissives that lament their lack of having a dominant to share their life with. Not postings that focus on how nice it would be to have a partner, how a partner would enhance their happiness but these blogs go along... Continue Reading →

Word Of The Day

“Okay class, pull out your pencil and paper because it is time for a vocabulary quiz” are words that used to strike fear into my heart when I was a student because I disliked spelling back. I have no idea why, especially since reading and writing have been enjoyed by me from an early age.... Continue Reading →

Size Does Matter

I was standing up at a friend’s wedding and a few minutes before the ceremony was to begin the bridesmaids, groomsmen, father of the bride, and the bride were huddled in the back of the church. My friend’s soon to be wife was so nervous that she was shaking and while her Dad was there,... Continue Reading →

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